Tom Hiddleston seen dressed in costume while filming scenes for the new horror movie ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 16, 2014 [HQ]

  Tom Hiddleston     Crimson Peak     aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!  


Tom Hiddleston sings Bear Necessities (by Tom Hiddleston UK)

  Tom Hiddleston     video     omfg     them hips     but also I'm so upset about his song choice     if you mute the video it looks so nice and seductive     but then it's a bloody disney song     like come on man     BUT YES SHAKE THAT BOOTY  

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"Hi! I just wanted to drop in and say I love your gifsets and edits, especially the AU with Hook. I thought it was incredibly unique and well done. I hope you have a wonderful day!"
- Anonymous

Thank you very much, darling anon! I hope you’re having a great day too. :)

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nothing amiss except your distracted heart


Then shall we G&T started?


Title: Then shall we G&T started?

Author: giniusandtonic

Word Count: 880

Characters: Poppy (OC), Oakley (yourself)

Warnings: None

Author’s Notes: Come on, you’ve all seen the old Gordon’s advert, surely [x]. I couldn’t miss this opportunity when I’m having a few myself! And sorry it’s another short one – don’t have time for long one-shots with a lot of work on my plate at the moment

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It’s Oakley! Oakley!

Makes me so happy to see him around, he’s very much abandoned in the fic world usually. Oaaklleeeyyy~~

I like what you did there, with the pov. Really interesting, and even though for a moment I wasn’t sure it would work, when I started reading it somehow did. Ginius, you. 

Also, I’ve never smoked and I never intend to, but if Oakley offered me a cigarette… I’m not 100% sure I could say no. 

Damn. And now I want a drink. 

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Happy 24th birthday to the ever so lovely, Emma Watson!

  Emma Watson     such a beautiful edit omg