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In a world of her own

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The man of my dreams.
This man of mine may kill me.
This man may truly kill me.

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Luke Evans is a doll and such a talent and such a lovely, lovely person inside and out. If you can get past the outside and how gorgeous it is you’ll see the lovely person he is. By the way, voice of an angel. The guy can sing. I mean, I can literally sit on set with him and close my eyes and just listen to him sing. I mean, it’s the full package with this guy. He’s like a triple threat. He can do everything from movies, singing, theater. I’m sure he can dance if somebody asked him to. He’s really all around one of the most talented people I’ve worked with in a while.

-Milla Jovovich on Luke Evan from Dazed and Confused  20/20 issue

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"I am spiteful! I am ill! You are not going to like this!" 
- Harry Lloyd in Notes From Underground

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All shall fade.

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st mark’s basilica/matt northam flikr

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Trau Dich Weit Hinaus" Erika Linder By Jan Welters For Glamour Germany September 2014

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