doctorbedelia said:
oh no i accidentally decided to go through your Luke Evans tag and now I'm dead and also want to reblog everything and why is he so attractive it's unfair. sorry for super random message & have a nice day.

I love random messages like this!

But don’t worry, I’m dead too. We’re all dead. Evans’d. Done. In the grave. 

And he has no regrets at all. 

(Have a lovely day too, if you’re still breathing. :D)

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enchantedbyhiddles said:
So you saw Dracula Untold? What do you think? (I really don't mean about the movie.) How awesome did Luke Evans look? And how nice of him to constantly change his clothes or to go to bed. ;D I loved his interaction with his on-screen son and I'm kind of hoping we see a sequel... If only to see more of Luke in modern times...

Yes I saw it! 

I didn’t really have high expectations for the plot, but it was alright. Just alright. There were good things, there were bad things, but nothing much really moved me one way or another (except the terrible cgi maybe). 





(I bet no one guessed from the state of my blog…)

He was just so beautiful! And I did appreciate all the shirtless scenes, I must say… Shame there wasn’t a proper sex scene, though. 

I want a sequel for the exact same reason (plus I kinda want to know exactly what they’d do with it…), dear god he looked even better in the last scene with the long coat and aijdoiasjfiojaisfjlaf. 

So I think the film is like: 

But Luke Evans is: 


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enchantedbyhiddles said:
Come with me. I'll watch Dracula Untold tomorrow. :)

Come to England!!!

I just really want to seee iiittt aaaaahhh. 

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kitsunemiyuki25 said:
IS TODAY THE DAY?!?!?!?! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!!!!! *throws confetti at you*

It was yesterday actually, but thank you! <3

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buckybarnesis said:
Hello dear :) Is it your birthday today? Well, happy birthday! All the best wishes in the world, may all your dreams come true ♥♥♥ Have a great, beautiful day!

Hello! :) Yes it was my birthday yesterday (October 1), thank you so much! The day was very lovely because I got to spend it all in London with my best friend. <3

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sarahvonkrolock said:
Thanks for putting Jason on my dash. I really appreciate it. :3

You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure. ;)

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bluedreamswhitepearls said:
I love your blog soooo much!

Awwwwwwww! Thank you very much. :’)

This was a completely unexpected message, and you’ve made me smile so much. What a lovely thing to hear. <3


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Anonymous said:
Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris? :D

Berlin: How often can you get everything you really want?

No, I wouldn’t say so. Especially if this means how often can I afford it… But I’d say quite a few of the things I’ve had as my goals in life (being able to return to England for a longer period of time, for example) have come true, so yes, at least sometimes I can get some of the things I want. :)

Copenhagen: Have you ever kissed or been kissed by a complete stranger?


Paris: Are you afraid of falling in love (in general or for a specific person)?

Don’t think I am - I think I’m more afraid I’ll never fall in love again… 

Thanks for asking! :)

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Anonymous said:
Any lipstick from Bobbi Brown or Chanel usually lasts me all day

Thanks! I don’t really know Bobbi Brown, but I think I’ve heard good things about Chanel before, so I’ll look out for sales or something. :) 

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Anonymous said:
how did you make this post? /post/93413220160 it's so prettyy

Hey there anon! Before I try to explain what I did, let me take a moment to flail and cry over the fact that someone actually asked me about my edit


Now, to the actual thing you wanted to know… I’ll put it under a cut because I tend to ramble on. 

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