"Please could I have a professor!tom where he is a tad jealous maybe a bit rough ? ;) thank u xx"
- Anonymous

Hi there! I’ve actually written something like that, you can find it here. :)

  prompt     of course if you'd like something different let me know and I'll see if it sparks an idea :)     Anonymous     ask  

"Hi! I just wanted to drop in and say I love your gifsets and edits, especially the AU with Hook. I thought it was incredibly unique and well done. I hope you have a wonderful day!"
- Anonymous

Thank you very much, darling anon! I hope you’re having a great day too. :)

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"Hi. It's really interesting to hear you talk about writers and feedback. As someone who only occasionally reads and never writes, I try to give feedback in an ask, when I read something and I was touched in any way. Not on every chapter and most of the time I'm reading a whole lot from an author in one rush, when I do it. Somehow though, it would feel weird for me to reblog it to my blog, especially if it's not under a 'read more'. It somehow feels to intimate to do it as stories are so personal"

That’s all just personal preference, I don’t want to tell anyone else what to do. :)

I just think in my case it’s sort of logical: I write, and I read, so why couldn’t I reblog the stories I think deserve attention? But that’s just me, and I know there are people who read loads and never comment/reblog, and that’s just fine.Of course from the pov of the writer, I’d always want to encourage people to comment/reblog/like, but I’m no authority and I know some people like to keep their anonymity and don’t do any of that because of that (or for some other reason). All just cool. :)

It took me quite a long time to start reblogging/commenting, as well; I used to read a lot of stuff without saying/doing anything. I think it’s mostly for the reasons I said in my other reply that I started to be more active on this field, and because I know every single note/message can be such a huge thing to a writer.

But in short: all I said is just what I do, and I hope no one thinks I’m telling people what they should do. 

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"I want to say thank you on my behalf and the other writers that you reblog and comment and message etc. Because people rarely do that, and I get down sometimes giving people a large response and then I get nothing in return. It's so petty of me but it creeps up on me sometimes, so thank you darling. You're a treasure."

Oh you sweetheart! <3 

I don’t read many fics at the moment, for various reasons. One reason is that I’m quite picky with what I like to read, and following that logic I feel it’s nice to give some kind of a response to the author’s whose fics I do bother to read. And, of course, as a writer I try to follow the principle of ‘do what you’d want others do to you’, or something along those lines. So because I’d love to get feedback and nice messages and all that, I try to give those to others and hope the universe swings that stuff back my way at some point, too. (But naturally this doesn’t mean I think everyone whose fics I’ve ever reblogged/commented are required to read mine or something, it’s just a general principle.)

Sometimes I have so many thoughts about a fic, and sometimes I don’t have much to say about at all, even if I love it. Sometimes a story leaves me speechless, sometimes I don’t want to analyse the events before I know more, sometimes I just don’t know what to say. Then I feel sort of bad, because I want to give the author at least something. But from my own experience I know even a couple of lines of nice words in a reblog or a short message can be a massive thing, it doesn’t always have to be a five-paragraph analysis. ;) (Even though I love those, too, if I have enough to say…)

I also know it sucks if I spend a lot of time commenting on someone’s work, and get nothing in return. Of course, we’re all busy and people have other things going on in their lives, but if it’s clearly just lack of interest I tend to then lose interest myself, too. :/

But 99% of my experiences with other writers have been great, and I want to help them out if I can. So I do what I can with the things I read, and try to be supportive of my fellow writers. I think it’s kind of my… I don’t want to say responsibility, but I do think that if I can spend a bit of my time reading something, I can also spend a few more minutes commenting on it. :)

Thank you for the lovely message, darling! Made me very happy indeed. 

  I spent a lot of time writing this reply and I still feel I forgot to say something hmmm     giniusandtonic     ask  

"Ooooh that was tasty. Delectable, in fact. I really like how you write Magnus, especially that part as how he never likes to waste time. Bang on the money, that. Fabulous :) I already mentioned how I liked the wax analogy, but can I just say this term needs to be used much more often: "already pretty-fucking-pleased clit." I like that a lot ;)"

Ehehehee, glad you liked it. ;)

I think that was just begging for me to use it, although I don’t even know exactly where it came from…

[Just a moment?]

  giniusandtonic     ask  

"First off, "star-ing" was the most perfect title. I love it when people play with words like that, so much. It was a very subtle touch, my dear, and I adored it. And it's always your little details that make me envy your writing. You really bring the reader there with them. Magnus having a curtain with constellations was adorable. Top marks! :)"

Thank you so much! :) I love word play, too, and I was glad to be able to do it, for once. (And this was about the only time I actually had the wits to come up with something clever.)

Also I actually have that curtain in my childhood bedroom.

Your messages and comments always make me so happy, thank you! <3



  giniusandtonic     ask  

- yazsha


[cause of death]

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"You there… Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful ❤ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*"

Awww thanks darling!

  kitsunemiyuki25     ask  

"Your blog is so perf and I love how much OLLA stuff you have on here."
- Anonymous

Awwww thank you so much! 

I really loved Only Lovers Left Alive, so I’m sure it’ll be around my blog quite a bit (especially when the DVD comes out). :)

  Anonymous     ask  

"Your icon is amazing, looks beautiful, I love it *o*"
- daalen

Awwwww thank you so much!

  makes this even more lovely to hear because the icon is one of my very first tries with ps :)     daalen     ask