Agree with Gin. You are a gem. Love ya.

Awww you! Love you too. :)

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giniusandtonic replied to your post “First off, “star-ing” was the most perfect title. I love it when people play with words like that, so much. It was a very subtle touch, my dear, and I adored it. And it’s always your little details that make me envy your writing. You really bring the reader there with them. Magnus having a curtain with constellations was adorable. Top marks! :)”

I’m only sorry I got to it late! Been rather busy here :(

Awww that’s alright (and understandable)! The fics will stay there, so there’s no rush. :)

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tonofstupidness replied to your post “The truth has finally come out. ”

Hahaha, you know it!! Damn and I tried so hard to lay low :p

I know, but unfortunately for you I’m irresistible. :P

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tonofstupidness replied to your post “tonofstupidness replied to your photoset “Magnus…”

I know you’re having double fun: discovering GIF-making AND scrutinizing Tom’s face!


  tonofstupidness     replies     lol what do you mean gif making it's all just an excuse to stare at his face  

tonofstupidness replied to your photoset “Magnus Martinsson in Wallander: Series One, Episode Two: Firewall”

just keep ‘em coming :D

Haha I will! :D

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your bangs are perfect and your eyes are stunning and your lips are gorgeous

Oh wooowww thank youuu :) 

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you have such beautifully shaped lips!! perfect for lipstick :)

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Oh my bloody god.. You look fricking beautifull ♡ And you have prety eyes You’te gorgeous :}

Awwww thank you everyone! :)) *blush*

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kitsunemiyuki25 replied to your post: woah

CONGRATULATIONS!! *hug* To a most wonderful, wonderful blog and an even more wonderful person!!

Thank you, darling! Even though I didn’t exactly do anything, I’ve just kind of been here. :DD

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You are incredibly talented. Never forget.

Hey now. Stop trying to make me tear up here…

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more-fandom-name replied to your post “I miss your fics! Especially prof tom”

I miss your fics too :<

Awww darling! That’s so lovely to hear (and sad if I’m letting you down!). <3

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