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  this     THIS THIS THIS     please tag especially your sherlock/cumberbatch as that's the one thing people on my dash don't tag and I'd much rather have it blacklisted and off my eyes than unfollow the person posting it untagged...  


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  this     thank you Nat     now I don't have to say anything     and I'd rather not to anyway but     people just really piss me off sometimes  

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*straight people voice* is he… you know…

I hate to be that person but perhaps the reason that ‘all straight people’ feel the need to phrase things like this carefully is because everything and anything a straight person says can be twisted into something homophobic etc when it isn’t. Because straight/white/cis people are awful according to this website, and aren’t allowed to say anything.


  this     one of the reasons I'm just less and less happy here     tumblr was supposed to be a happy place for me and now all there is is arguments and all this  


You know what baffles me most about fandom sometimes?  The idea that Loki’s punishment of being sentenced to life in prison (as if you expect me to seriously believe they wouldn’t have let him back out, as soon as he calmed the fuck down and showed some remorse for all the people he hurt) is so terrible and so unfair and that nobody has ever had such a terrible thing happen to them before.

And I wonder, eh, what movie were you watching?  Because in the movie I watched, Thor literally had his godhood taken away from him, was cast out of his home, and tossed into a realm that he had no cultural context for and no support system in place and not even a way to feed himself or clothe himself or a bed to sleep in.  He was given a death sentence, because he was meant to live about another four thousand years, but instead was given, if he’d stayed mortal, maybe another 70 years.

Literally, his entire being was taken from him, his entire sense of self and home and purpose was ripped away from him.  He was changed on a fundamental level and tossed into a world he didn’t understand and can you IMAGINE how terrifying that must have been?  It wasn’t a fucking picnic.  He says it himself, for the first time in his life, he has no idea what to do.  He has no idea what his purpose is.  He’s a god made mortal, how do you even begin to deal with something like that?

But the thing about Thor is that he gets back up and dusts himself off and looks around and doesn’t let this destroy him or who he is at his very foundations.  He makes new friends, because he’s a friendly and likable person.  He makes friends who help him out because Thor treats them with respect and is honest and genuine and direct with them.

He adjusts to this new life because he is a good person at heart, he learns the lessons of the situation and realizes his actions got them into these circumstances.  He grew the fuck up, out of really mind-numbingly terrifying circumstances.  That takes some serious emotional resilience and sense of self, which Thor definitely has, but that doesn’t mean it was any less easy.

Loki may have been lied to and that sucked, I’m not taking away from the massive implosion his sense of self suffered.  But let’s not ignore the fact that Thor had a similar situation dropped on him and he fucking handled it.

  omg     this     this this this this!!!!!     Thor     Loki     I don't understand people who don't like Thor or think he's stupid or whatever     or those people who make excuses for Loki     and his every action     why can't they like him as a character even though he's evil?  


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  this     I was trying to find this one day and now it just came to me yay     useful  

male character:  fuck women, they don't deserve power
tumblr:  omg what an arsehole fuck him sexist pig
female character:  fuck men, they don't deserve power

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  poetry     this     fucking this     exactly how I feel  

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delete the people that make you feel bad about yourself from your life, unfollow them, delete their numbers, erase their texts, find happier people, pet a dog, watch a silly movie, forget about them, you’re better off


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  • When not all the books in the series are the same height.
  • When books change covers with editions so they don’t all match unless you buy the series in one go.
  • When some books are hardcover and some are softcover and it doesn’t match but you can’t find another copy.
  • When some covers are different in certain countries so you don’t get the main one which also happens to look better than all the other varieties.
  • Basically just books.
  • God damn them.

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